Fee structure

All the RSLIs in Interpreters Dorset are freelance and have a minimum fee initially, followed by a standard hourly rate which will range between £30 and £40 per hour depending on the nature of the interpreting assignment.  Half and full-day rates will apply depending on the length of the assignment.  This is in line with national average rates and includes admin.  The exact rate is agreed between the interpreter and the service provider at the time of booking and this will be clearly stated at the outset.

Travel is usually charged for separately at £0.45p per mile.

Longer assignments may require a second interpreter to be booked to enable co-working and specialist assignments or assignments requiring extensive preparation may incur extra charges.  You will receive professional advice about this from whichever interpreter you are in contact with.

Payment should be made directly to the interpreter by the service provider and NOT via Interpreters Dorset, as this is a consortium, not an agency.  Each interpreter is registered with HMRC as self-employed and as such have a Unique Tax Reference (UTR), making them individually responsible for submitting their own Tax and National insurance contributions accordingly.

Please be aware that cancellation fees apply for assignments that are cancelled with less than 14 days notice.

Please feel free to ask us about our fees.