How to book a BSL interpreter

This page explains how to book an interpreter with the minimum of fuss.

It’s really rather simple!

1. If a particular interpreter has been requested by the deaf person, you can click on their name and send the request to them directly.  Otherwise, click on I don’t mind you choose and we will try and source an interpreter for you.  If you would prefer to telephone an interpreter directly, their telephone number can be found on the Interpreter page under Interpreter Profiles.

2. If an interpreter is available, they will respond to you directly.  They will discuss your requirements and guide you through the booking process.  This is the point when as many details as possible are discussed before the assignment is agreed upon. Once all the details have been agreed upon, the booking is finalised and this confirms adherence to the Terms & Conditions and Cancellations Policy.  (Please note that an interpreter may not respond if they are not available for an assignment).

3.  Once you have confirmed the booking of an interpreter, can you please inform your client that an interpreter has been booked for them.  Thank you.

NB Please note that we all work remotely and will reply to messages as soon as possible but this may not always be immediately.

Using an Interpreter

The interpreter/s will arrive at the agreed location before the start of the booking to introduce themselves and to finalise any last minute details if necessary. The interpreter will need to be positioned next to whoever is speaking so that the Deaf person can see both the speaker and the interpreter without having to shift their gaze too much.

During the assignment, everything that is spoken will be interpreted into BSL and everything signed in BSL will be interpreted into spoken English.

Quite often we work with people who have never used a BSL interpreter before. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask.  We would rather everybody feels comfortable and clear about the process from the beginning.